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Large Production Line with Industrial Robot Arms for Automated Manufacturing System

5 Manufacturing & Automation Trends on the Horizon

Digitalization, a reshaped workforce, the evolving supply chain, sustainability, and cybersecurity will greatly impact the manufacturing sector.

Coming out of the pandemic and then the Great Resignation, manufacturing companies are hoping the future is not quite so volatile. As we look forward to the rest of 2023 and into 2024, here are 5 automation trends influencing the manufacturing sector.

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Ryson Spiral Conveyor -Multiple-Entry Conveyor Systems

Multiple-Entry Spiral Conveyors Take Order Picking to New Heights

Spiral conveyors, which allow loads to enter or exit at intermediate elevations, allow you to optimize multi-level order picking and warehouse operations. What’s more, a single spiral may be used for multiple production and/or packaging lines in order to maximize efficiency and cost savings, as well as reduce the operations footprint to gain floor space.

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Hytrol Sliding Shoe Sorter

Benefits of a Breakaway Shoe Sorter

The main benefit of having a sorter with a breakaway shoe is that the entire sorter will not be damaged if one or more shoes experiences a jam. Instead, the shoe will just break away, resulting in lower downtime and repair costs. As an exclusive Hytrol distributor, our specialists work alongside your team to create efficient and productive solutions for your operations. 

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Hytrol Belt Conveyor for Food and Beverage Case Transport

When Should You Have a Belt-Over Conveyor?

Hytrol has a wide range of belt-over conveyors that fits any industry needs. They’re good at conveying irregular products, bagged products that need the full support of a belt conveyor, and are great for items smaller than the length of three rollers. Belt-over conveyors are also compatible with high-speed scan tunnels.

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