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Increase in Demand for Automation Amidst COVID

Shifting to Automation Amidst COVID-19

In order for companies to ramp up production and meet their annual goals going forward, implementing automation will be a must. As the world emerges from the COVID crisis, automation needs will not only continue to expand — they will explode.

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Why Warehouse Automation is Even More Important Today

Warehouse Automation is Even More Important Today

As material handling technology advances, it becomes clearer and clearer that warehouses and DCs must continue to automate in order to remain efficient and financially sustainable. While the challenges and solutions are different for every warehouse and DC, a thoughtful and careful analysis will identify the right path toward increased automation for your organization.

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Ergonomic Lifts for Manual Material Handling by AEC in Charlotte NC

Ergonomic Lifting Tips for Manual Material Handling

With our current workforce, ergonomics are a necessity.  Today, people are staying in the workforce longer, many workers are overweight, and different body builds are more adept for heavy, repetitive lifting than others.  Ergonomic tools level out the playing field for workers.

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