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AEC 2019 Top Sales Award To Charlie Williamson

2019 Top Sales Award Goes to Conveyor Specialist Charlie Williamson 11 Time Winner

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[Press Release: Charlotte, North Carolina, Announcement of AEC 2019 Top Sales Award]

Local Record-Breaker Speaks to Future of the Material Handling “Industry 4.0

In the decades he’s been in the material handling business, Charlie Williamson has seen his industry change time and again—but it’s nothing compared to what’s coming.

“When I first started, conveyors were dumb as a rock,” says Williamson, who is celebrating his 11th “Salesman of the Year” award from Advanced Equipment Company (AEC).

“There was virtually no interaction between the conveyor and the outside world. But we’re right on the cusp where there’s native intelligence built into the conveyor, which will allow you to control and monitor each step.”

The term “Industry 4.0” refers to the latest wave of “smart” systems that scan, weigh, and sort parcels or products, while simultaneously provide tracking and records of those actions.

“The goal is to have information that is actionable, so you know what’s going on, where it’s going on, and act in a proactive manner instead of a reactive manner,” says Williamson.

“But it’ll be kind of a slow adoption. We see people wanting it, but it’s a slow trend because the technology is still fairly new and some are unaware of the options that are available.”

In addition to the freshness of this technology, Williamson said that adoption has also been slow due to a lack of “pain” in the industry. For many companies, a problem must first exist before an updated solution is found. But when companies are ready to upgrade, Williamson is ready and waiting.

“You need to start with the question, ‘what would help me service my customers better?,’” says Williamson. “And armed with innovation, you drive towards that answer.”

President of AEC, Darin Boik, commented on the reason behind Williamson’s record-breaking success.

“Charlie has positioned himself well by creating a great network and reputation of being able to supply creative material handling solutions to meet his customers’ goals,” says AEC president Darin Boik.

“It is also his responsiveness and passion that he brings. He’s been with us for almost 25 years and he has always represented AEC well.”

Williamson’s secret to that success? Investing time into listening to his client’s employees to learn more about the process. Spending his client’s money as if it were his own. And choosing and designing systems and solutions as though he were the one out on that floor every day.

And as for winning awards? Williamson comments:

“It’s good to know that somebody thinks I’m doing a great job,” says Williamson, “but nobody has ever given me an order because I won an award. You have to earn that every time.”

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