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Bring in the heavy hitter with pallet handling conveyor systems.

For weighty products or pallet loads, a heavy-duty conveyor is the appropriate choice. Pallet handling conveyor offers the added benefit of regular conveyor (such as sanitation, air-flow and drainage) with the extra strength to handle any load.

Depending upon your requirements, a variety of heavy duty conveyor are available such as chain driven live roller, belt driven live roller, drag chain, and slat.  We will determine options for accumulation, turns and transfers, and conveyor accessories based upon your operational needs.

Flexible pallets, bagged items and any heavy load with an unusual shape or surface are ideal for this conveyor type.

Pallet Handling Conveyor Systems

Drag Chain Conveyors are used for heavy-duty pallet handling and are a good solution for loads that are not easily conveyed on roller conveyors.

Gravity Conveyors are non-powered and utilize the Earth’s gravity to move products. They provide an economic material handling solution and are easy to install and relocate since they don’t contain motorized parts.

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors are used to transport pallets and other unit loads. The rollers are driven by a chain and provide the power needed to move pallets.

Poly-V Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyors, also called PLV, are an ideal solution for pallets, drums, or other bulk loads. They are optimal for light-duty pallet handling when low maintenance or a quieter conveyor is needed.


  • Food industries: USDA approved and BISSC certified
  • Beverage and pharmaceutical industries
  • Manufacturing industries – bulky and raw material
  • Warehousing systems
  • Pallet dispensing
  • Pallet inspection and repair
  • Load transfer
  • Load accumulation
  • Bulk goods receiving

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