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Optimizing procedures, increasing flexibility, lowering costs.

A vertical carousel is a dynamic storage solution consisting of trays attached to a chain that rotates. The trays rotate to retrieve the product or parts on demand – making storage and retrieval tasks much safer.

With our industrial vertical carousels, we offer a flexible storage and provisioning system that adapts optimally to your needs.  The Pan Carousel provides a high overall storage volume while occupying a very small footprint; resulting in a multi-benefit solution for your storage and inventory management requirements.

Making the most efficient use of the available room height, this system creates over 60% more storage capacity thanks to its compact design. This means costly warehousing space can be used more efficiently. 

Work time is slashed as the storage carousel brings the requested parts to the retrieval area within seconds.  And with ergonomic positioning, there’s no need to bend, climb, or walk long distances.

The Pan Carousel is a value-added solution for warehouse automation programs that improves both productivity and safety.


Vertical Storage Carousel Benefits

  • Work time slashed
  • Decrease in labor
  • Increased ergonomics
  • Customized solutions
  • Improved organization
  • Reduced cost


Vertical Carousel Specialized Applications

  • Pan Carousel: High-density inventory management
  • Textile Carousel: Automated textile storage and display solution
  • Tire Carousel: Ultimate tire storage and display solution
  • Wire Carousel: Ultimate wire storage and display solution
  • Shelving Carousel: Flexible, automated high density storage solution
  • Medical Supplies Carousel: High-density medical inventory management solution
  • Hospital Bed Lift: Cost effective and space saving hospital bed management system
  • Sheet Metal VLS: Ultimate sheet metal storage and integration solution
  • Bar Stock VLS: Ultimate bar stock storage and integration solution
  • BOPOS/POPIS Carousel: Ultimate online pickup fulfillment solution
  • Automated Lockers Carousel: Ultimate automated locker storage solution
  • Garment Carousel: Ultimate garment storage and display solution
  • Print Cylinder Carousel: Ultimate print cylinder management solution
  • Vinyl Carousel: Automated vinyl storage and display solution
  • Carpet Carousel: Automated carpet storage and display solution
  • Paint Can Carousel: Ultimate paint can storage and display solution
  • Hollow Core Carousel: Ultimate hollow core storage solution
  • Bicycle Merchandising System: Ultimate bicycle storage and display solution

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