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Modular plastic chain link belt conveyor provides the strongest link in hygienic conveying.

Plastic chain conveyor systems provide unmatched flexibility and superior sanitation, making them indispensable for hygienic applications. Often the ideal solution for challenging conveying applications, plastic chain link belt conveyors offer low maintenance, superior wash-down and sanitation capabilities, and effectively eliminate many belt tracking issues.

Modular, Flexible Design

Plastic chain belting inherently offers exceptional flexibility in conveyor system design. Its ability to effortlessly make turns and navigate inclines or declines allows conveyor systems to efficiently snake around obstacles with the capability of both horizontal and vertical bends within one belt.  This not only maximizes production space but also reduces the number of product transfers, thereby eliminating potential areas for product loss.

Easy to Sanitize

What makes this type of conveyor most valuable to the hygienic industry? It has belts made of “easy to sanitize” plastic chains linking together rows of modules by hinge rods to form a continuous belt chain. They provide an excellent option when drainage or air flow is a concern.

Chain link belting is often used in food and beverage applications, pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, and clean room environments.  Plastic chain conveyors are used widely in industries with strict sanitation requirements due to their USDA approval.

Through our partners we can design, engineer and install any type of plastic belt conveyor, including modular and heavy-duty applications.

Benefits of plastic chain belt conveyors:

  • Flexibility: from straight lines to vertical/horizontal bends, curves, tilts, and spirals.
  • Modular Design: fast and easily repaired or modified to meet evolving business needs.
  • Low Cost: less expensive to maintain and use, reduces risk of damage and gentle with products/packaging.
  • Sanitation: easy to clean and disinfect, the chain-link build provides easy wash-down, avoids risk of contamination.

Common chain link belt applications:

  • Food Processing and Packaging
  • Bottling and Beverage Production
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Medical Device Manufacturing

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