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Carton & Pallet Flow Storage Rack: Improve efficiency with innovative gravity flow storage.

Flow storage rack systems are high density storage systems that utilize depth to increase capacity. This type of system is also known as gravity flow pick modules or dynamic flow systems.

Carton flow systems use a slightly inclined rail with rollers that allow product to move easily along the sloped plane. Flow deck wheels come in steel or plastic depending upon your product depth and application. Speed controllers are installed in the lane to ensure the pallet travels in a safe manner to the unload end. The operator can continue to load pallets into the lane, and they will accumulate until the lane is full.

Pallet flow, or flowrack, is a storage method specifically used for pallets. Steel or plastic wheels or rollers (depending upon your application) are used to move and accumulate pallets within a storage module. Pallet flow provides greater storage density than traditional rack – storage depths can range from 2 to over 20 pallets deep.

Flow racking systems are either a FIFO (first in, first out) or a LIFO (last in, first out) storage system. If the system is loaded from the back and unloaded from the front, its FIFO; if the system is loaded and unloaded from the front its a LIFO system.

  • Drop-in design allows level easy additions.
  • Gravity-driven inventory rotation saves energy
  • Travel/picking time is reduced which equals significant labor savings
  • Order picking can be done on a FIFO or LIFO basis to ensure proper inventory rotation
  • Visibility and order accuracy is improved with sloped carton flow levels
  • Existing static rack can be converted into high capacity gravity flow picking systems

Your process and capacities will be evaluated by our team experts to find the correct flow system for your application.

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