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Our client’s success stories define our reputation and our legacy

Innovative ideas plus our proven capabilities have earned our client’s trust as a respected partner for automated systems, conveyor, storage, and other material handling integrated systems. 

Streamlining material flow in and out of a shrink-wrapping station.

Streamlining Shrink-Wrapping: Innovative Material Flow Solutions for Maximum Efficiency

Recently, Charlie Williamson, AEC’s Material Handling & Conveyor Systems Specialist, collaborated with a leading packaging company to revolutionize their shrink-wrapping process. His cutting-edge solution streamlines material flow in and out of the shrink-wrapping station, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime. This innovation promises to dramatically improve shrink-wrapping operations, setting a new industry standard for our client.

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Pallet Flow Rack System Project for Callaway Blue Beverage Distribution

AEC Keeps Callaway Blue’s Water Flowing

Callaway Blue had an immediate need for additional storage space and inventory control to ensure accurate and consistent product turnover. AEC’s Material Handling Specialist, Ivar Lonon, delivered a powerhouse high-density pallet flow system that maximized storage capacity, increased throughput, and brought unrivaled FIFO precision to inventory management.

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200% Increase Empty Case Replenishment Process

Empty Case Replenishment Process Increased by 200%

Our South Carolina food and beverage distributor client had an ongoing challenge with replenishing empty cases. Material handling specialist and engineer, Brian Hester, designed and implemented a fully automated solution with zero pressure handling and sorting of empty cases without operator intervention.

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Custom-built conveyor system with end of line automation

33% Increased Productivity with Custom Designed End-of-Line Automation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our food and beverage distribution client in Eastern North Carolina needed to increase the capacity of their pallet-wrapping operation..

Working with the automated wrapper team, Brad Dowless designed a fourth conveyor line into the process. Pallets could now be loaded into four different lines, speeding up throughput over 33%.

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