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Conveyor System Project in Spokane WA

Industry: Lighting, HVAC, Utility Ceiling Panel Manufacturing Plant in Spokane WA

Challenge: Outdated assembly line conveyor system. Unable to expand with new product adaptation.

Solution: Progressive assembly line design for new product with a custom-built, scalable conveyor system designed to adapt easily to future growth including robotics integration.

Equipment: Customized EZLogic Hytrol Live Roller Conveyor with AEC Controls

New product, no problem! AEC designs scalable conveyor solutions for manufacturer assembly line growth.

Our Lighting, HVAC and Utility Ceiling Panel Manufacturing client out of Spokane, Washington had created a new, groundbreaking product that required assembling. The existing system for the assembly line was outdated and could not adapt to the handle the specs of the new product.

They needed someone with experience and expertise to design and implement a system that would accommodate product change and be scalable for future upgrades. Advanced Equipment Company is their preferred system solutions vendor and the expert they turned to was Charlie Williamson, conveyor specialist.

AEC Motto: Get It Right the First Time

A veteran of conveyor design and implementation, Williamson knew that research and planning was key to the success of this new system.

“We had about three months of planning that went into that,” says Williamson. “There was a lot of back and forth on the design side; it was a brand-new product.”

“While they were trying to figure out how it has to be built, I was trying to understand a brand-new product that I had never seen before and figure out how to make the process efficient with future adaptability possible.”

Hytrol EZ Logic Smart Conveyor = Safety, Efficiency & Future Minded Design

According to Willamson, the first key was making the conveyor safe, simple to use and maintain, and easy to upgrade if the client decided to implement robotics in the future.

Using a Hytrol conveyor system with multiple buffer stations and E-stops, low-voltage 24-volt DC motors and built-in accumulation logic, Charlie was able to not only design something that could be installed quickly, but also required only simple maintenance. This meant huge cost savings for our client.

“I specifically chose the Hytrol EZ Logic Live Roller Conveyor and designed it so that it would easily adapt to future growth. And the end result was so simple,” says Williamson.

“Only 4 spare parts needed, and any part can be replaced in 5 minutes. I’ve been doing this for 36 years and back in the day it would have required 10 motors, electricians, a programmer… “

“Here, we saved my client a substantial amount of money because we didn’t need a programmable logic controller. All the accumulation logic was built into the conveyor. It’s a smart conveyor!”

Saving a TON of Time and Money with Onsite Installation Training

The second key was saving our client money through training their own guys to do the installation.  By getting his design and planning done ahead of schedule, Charlie had some free time to help train the installation team—  who, thanks to the simplicity of the Hytrol conveyor system Charlie designed, also happened to be the very people who would be working with the assembly line on a day-to-day basis.

“I got on a plane, flew to Spokane, and had the privilege to train in the guys who will actually be working on the assembly line,” says Williamson.

“These were guys that had never seen this type of conveyor before. Due to the simplicity of the EZ Logic Hytrol System, in only a day and a half we had put together a sophisticated system and had it running!”

With a Trained Onsite Staff, Conveyor Maintenance is a Snap

Charlie went the extra mile for the client, and in doing so helped the installation and training go swiftly and smoothly, while saving the client additional costs down the line.

“One of the benefits of training in the client’s staff as installers is that it’s going to be a whole lot less expensive for them. They already employ capable people.”

“With their staff properly trained on installation, they can handle maintenance issues immediately instead of calling and waiting for somebody to show up which could be hours or days. Whatever the problem is, they can solve it in a matter of minutes.”

Turnkey Design: Key to a Successful Project

The secret to success, Charlie says, is working with a company where sales and application engineering are one and the same.

“Our turnkey design business model lets us be involved every step of the way so we can ensure that things go in properly for the customer no matter who does installation. In most companies, different groups of people handle each process,” says Williamson.

“For me, and I think this is true for everyone here at AEC, I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing a process from design to implementation. I get to see how the solution has a positive impact on the business process. That’s just plain fun. I get a big kick out of that.”

Charlie Williamson, Material Handling and Conveyor Specialist for AEC since 1996.

Charlie invests his time and ingenuity into every project as well as gains a real sense of fulfillment to see all projects through to final working solution.


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