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Charlie Williamson

Special Accounts Engineer

I love the tremendous satisfaction that comes from knowing that each business I’ve served is better in some tangible way because I’ve been there.

Solution Proficiencies

Conveyor Integration & Automation
Pallet & Case Conveyor
Packaging Systems
Food & Beverage Conveyor
Sortation Conveyors
Custom Material Handling
Distribution Center Solutions
Project Management & Installation

Achievements & Awards

2022 AEC Top Sales Award
2022 Top Sales
2016 AEC Sales Award
2016 Top Sales
2012 AEC Sales Award
2012 Top Sales
2011 AEC Sales Award
2011 Top Sales
2010 AEC Sales Award
2010 Top Sales
2008 AEC Sales Award
2008 Top Sales
2007 AEC Sales Award
2007 Top Sales
2005 AEC Sales Award
2005 Top Sales
1999 AEC Sales Award
1999 Top Sales
1998 AEC Sales Award
1998 Top Sales

About Charlie Williamson

Since 1988, Charlie Williamson’s specialty has been conveyors and related systems. He has decades of experience in material handling world, including manufacturing process conveyors, distribution center systems, robotics, sortation, and packaging equipment integration with conveyors.

He loves “hands-on” problem solving; and after a problem gets solved, he takes tremendous satisfaction from knowing that each business he’s served is better in some tangible way because he’s been there.

Outside of the work environment, he’s an avid reader and a skilled ballroom dancer.

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