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AEC 2018 Top Sales Award To Charlie Williamson

10 Year Winner, Conveyor Specialist Charlie Williamson Receives 2018 Top Sales Award

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[Press Release: Charlotte, North Carolina, May 31 2019, Announcement of AEC 2018 Top Sales Award]

After A Record-Breaking Win, 2018 Top Sales Specialist Shares Secrets of Success

On May 23, Conveyor System Specialist, Charlie Williamson set a new record for Advanced Equipment Company, earning the award of “Best Salesperson of the Year” for the tenth time. But after 23 years with AEC, Williamson knows that there’s no time to celebrate.

“It means that the next year I start at zero and start all over again,” says Williamson. “In fact, I think of myself at starting at zero every day. No one is going to give you the game because you won the Super Bowl last year.”

AEC's Charlie Williamson Receives 2018 Top Sales Award in Charlotte NC
Charlie Williamson receives 2018 Top Sales Award from AEC President Darin Boik.

While Williamson was pleased to accept the reward, he believes the real benefit—and credit—goes to his customers.

This award means that my clients can take some comfort in knowing that I’ve got a lot of experience and many years of practice,” says Williamson.

“This all happens because our customers decide to partner with Advanced Equipment Company, and we all make a great team.”

So what is Williamson’s secret? Hard, honest work.

“What we have found through the years, and this is a big part of who I am, is that the best way to do well year after year after year is to work very hard to help your customers spend their money in the most efficient way possible so they get the greatest benefit,” says Williamson.

“And if I’m a good business partner and help my customers improve their business, then they’re going to come back to me the next time a problem comes up.”

In a public statement, AEC agreed.

“Charlie loves what he does and it shows with his results,” the company published on their Facebook page.

“Every project is important to Charlie, he gives his blood, sweat and sometimes tears to every job. One thing is for sure, the customer is going to be happy at the end!,” says AEC President Darin Boik.

Despite winning the Salesperson of the Year award more times than any other employee in AEC history, Williamson says there’s still a long way to go, and a lot more to learn.

“I’ve been here 22 and a half years, and I expect to be here another 12 or so,” says Williamson. “I feel like I’m just getting started, and I feel like I’m just starting to figure out what I need to know.”

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