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Accumulation conveyor will protect your products and maximize efficiency.

AEC is recognized as a leader in designing, engineering and supporting accumulation conveyor integration into automated systems. There are two main types of accumulations conveyors: zero pressure and minimum pressure.

Zero pressure accumulation conveyor is perfect for conveying materials of different size and weight. Products are allowed to accumulate without touching each other. Back pressure is completely eliminated. Product is paced by sensor-controlled “accumulation zones” which offers optimal protection for your products from damage and jams. Each zone uses a photo eye to dectect products then keeps them in a separate physical zone. These buffer zones can be used to hold product when downstream processes are not ready for additional product. They can also be used to smooth out production flow fluctuations.

Zero pressure conveyor applications:

  • Buffering products before sortation, kitting, or packaging/shipping areas
  • Feeding palletizing and strapping stations
  • Assembly lines and picking stations


Minimum pressure accumulation conveyor is best used for products of consistent size and weight. Its purpose is to maximize accumulation of product but with a 2% back pressure. Sensor controlled zones allow products to lightly come into contact with each other during accumulation. The cumulative back pressure remains no greater than 2% while products are stopped and waiting for the signal to release.

Minimum pressure conveyor applications:

  • Accumulation of product prior to packing stations
  • Recirculation loops
  • Buffering similar size and weight products
  • Feeding palletizing and strapping stations
  • Assembly lines and picking stations

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