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Increasing Maximum Storage Capacity with Montel Mobile Storage Systems in Wilmington NC

Industry: Government – Criminal Justice

Opportunity:  Facility remodeling provided new space for archived records

Solution: Optimize layout and double storage space with movable shelf system

Result: 50% increase in total storage capacity

Equipment: Montel Mobile Storage Shelving with Smart Shelf System

Opportunity: Maximize Storage Space

Advanced Equipment Company’s (AEC) criminal justice client in Wilmington, North Carolina was doing a complete remodel of their existing facility. As part of that remodel, a side room was created for archived records.

Within the space provided, our client took advantage of the opportunity to maximize their storage space. A very smart move, as some companies often think of file storage only after their existing storage solution is overrun.

“Typically, people decide to do this “after” they run out of space,” says AEC’s Brad Dowless.

“It wasn’t necessarily them saying ‘hey, we have a problem. It was more like ‘hey, how can we make the most out of the space we already have?”

Thanks to the forethought of the client and their architectural firm, their updated facility is looking to the future, not just the present, and getting it right the first time.

Solution: Mobile Storage Shelving with Smart Shelf System

Pre-Install Assessment

Pre-installation, the client specified their needs and accurate measurements were taken. Thanks to the flexibility of Montel’s Mobile Storage Solution with Smart Shelf Systems, we were able to customize the solution to our client’s specific needs.

Our client was able to decide the height of each shelf, what kind of dividers to install, and additional accessories that would hold the files snug as the shelves moved. All shelves and dividers can be adjusted in small increments for the perfect fit.

Quick & Precise Installation

In a room just over 24 feet by 11 feet, 18 sets of file storage cabinets were installed. Manual crank handles allow the individual storage units to gently slide along rails installed on the floor.  The allotted space allowing for two aisles for pulling and placing files.

“Montel was with us every step of the way,” says Dowless.

“They supplied drawings and guided the install. They really do a great job supporting us throughout the entire project cycle.”

The Result: 50% Increased Storage. Mobile sliding shelving system doubled storage capacity.

Space costs money.

That’s why Montel’s Mobile Storage Systems are a great choice for multiple applications. By allowing the shelves to move from side-to-side and providing just two aisles for access at a time, storage can increase between 40 and 50% versus a standard, static filing solution.

In the given space, with 18 sets of storage cabinets, our client now has more than 1,050 cubic feet of file storage to utilize when they move into their remodeled facility.

“The handles are very easy to turn, so they can quickly and easily place or retrieve files,” says Dowless.

“But where this solution really shines is storage capacity. You’re getting maximum flexibility while doubling your capacity by removing all of the aisles.”

AEC provided a turnkey solution, from design to installation. And they’re not done yet. AEC continues to be a true partner, providing long-term support for the solution, handling any repairs, orders for spare parts or additional installations.

In addition to the amazing support from Montel, Dowless also pointed out how important other partnerships are in providing the best end results possible.

“We enjoyed working with the architectural firm and the construction company,” says Dowless.

“It’s no different from the projects we do on case conveyors or on industrial sites. Every project has unique challenges. But having good people to work with and excellent vendor relationships makes the difference on all of our projects.”

Material Handling Specialist, Brad Dowless, exceeds client expectations.

His degree in electrical engineering + 18 years material handling experience produces innovative solutions to complex business problems.

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