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AEC & Hytrol - 50 Year Partnership & Family Legacy

Hytrol & AEC – 50 Year Partnership

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The Lasting Results of a 50 Year Partnership and Family Legacy

David Peacock (left), President of Hytrol Conveyor Company, and Chuck Waddle (right), Vice President of Business Development, present the 50-Year Partnership Award to AEC owner Larry Abernathy (center)

After more than 50 years of working together, Hytrol Conveyor Company and Advanced Equipment Company (AEC) have created a simple, lasting legacy: marrying quality products with superior customer service.

Hytrol, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of material handling conveyor systems, held their quadrennial convention this past October in Memphis TN. At the convention, they presented Larry Abernathy, owner of AEC, with an award commemorating 50 years as a highly valued “integration partner.”

The two companies began working together in 1964, and have steadily grown their partnership built on trust and a family-style connection.

“Larry has modeled AEC after Hytrol’s family and relationship values,” says Darin Boik, President of AEC. “It’s always been a family-like relationship between the AEC and Hytrol teams. We bring their people out to our sales meetings and they’ll stay to spend a weekend with us down at the beach having fun. We’ve been doing that for years.”

At Advanced Equipment Company, relationships matter, both with customers and suppliers. By growing and strengthening their relationships, by getting to know people and their needs, AEC is able to better serve their customers with superior knowledge, quality solutions, and increased response time.

“Families are there for each other,” says Boik. “If we need help with a project, troubleshooting design obstacles, a better ship date, or whatever it may be, we can always count on the Hytrol team because of the relationship have with them. That’s invaluable.”

According to Boik, the working relationship between the two companies is made even stronger by Hytrol’s dedication to offering superior tools.

“They’re by far the best company that we’ve worked with,” said Boik. “They provide you with the tools to understand, sell and use their equipment. We can draw up a complex system and within minutes have pricing and everything ready for a customer to review. I don’t think a lot of other manufacturers have that capability.”

The advanced capabilities and tools have increased the trust between Hytrol and AEC, as well as between AEC and their customers. “We use Hytrol’s software directly in front of our clients,” says Boik. “It demonstrates that we know our manufacturer inside and out and how quickly we get what we need.”

Hytrol is a well-respected name that carries great weight in the world of the material handling industry. The family-like relationship between Hytrol and Advanced Equipment Company is evidence that the AEC team are experts in their field.  Perhaps most important of all is the peace of mind for customers who bring AEC on for what might otherwise be nail-bitingly large or intricate projects.

“Our customers know that if we go with a solution through Hytrol, it’s going to be the right solution and it’s going to be reliable,” says Boik. “And since Advanced Equipment and Hytrol are just one big family, the support and backing we provide is doubled.”

To learn more about what AEC and Hytrol can bring to your application, contact Advanced Equipment Company or call us today at 704-527-3141.

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