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AEC 2017 Top Sales Award To Ivar Lonon

Ivar Lonon, Systems & Automation Specialist, Wins 2017 Top Sales Award

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[Press Release: Charlotte, North Carolina, May 25 2018, Announcement of AEC 2017 Top Sales Award]

Third Time Winner, Ivar Lonon Opens Up About What Makes Him Successful

On May 25, Material Handling Specialist Ivar Lonon was awarded the 2017 Salesman of the Year award by Darin Boik, President of Advanced Equipment Company (AEC). This is Ivar’s third time around receiving this prestigious award since joining the team at AEC.

“If you ever have the opportunity to work with Ivar, you’ll understand why he is so successful,” says Boik.

“It’s always an honor,” says Lonon. “This award is what we strive for every year. A lot of the time it comes down to two salesman running neck and neck to the last day of the year. In those cases, it can be a surprise as to who finally ends up winning.”

Ivar Lonon receives 2017 Top Sales Award

The award is presented each year as part of a special retreat hosted by AEC for its salesforce and representatives from their suppliers.

“I would like to thank my customers who trust me to solve their complex business challenges. And I would also like to thank Larry Abernathy (AEC owner) for giving me the opportunity to work for this company,” says Lonon.

“Some of these suppliers have been coming with us on this trip for 25 years,” says Lonon. “AEC has a great relationship with our suppliers and we always look forward to spending time with them and getting to know them on a more personal level. Over the years, they begin to feel more like family.”

That family atmosphere has played a major role in AEC’s success since it was first founded about 60 years ago.

“AEC is the best company I have ever worked for,” says Lonon. “I see myself staying here until I retire. They care about us as individuals and our families, they reinvest in our future, and they always have the customer’s best interests at heart.”

Lonon says his award now hangs by his other two at the entrance of his office as a motivator to keep working hard for his customers, which have included companies like FedEx, Kellogg’s, GE, John Deere and Stihl.

In the end, Lonon says the success belongs not to him, but to AEC’s suppliers and clients.

“We’re a customer-centric organization. We form long-lasting partnerships with our customers and strive to do the right things right, by taking care of our customers from beginning to end. Without our customers, there would be no award—or job for that matter.”

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