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EXTRA Heavy-Duty, High-Density Powered Mobile Rack for Industrial Storage

Double Storage Capacity in Existing Space With Mobile Aisle Systems

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A High-Density Storage Concept Which Replaces Current Aisle Space With Mobile Storage Units

As your business grows, the need to expand will arise.  Increasing your storage space will be a priority and options such as off-site storage or relocation are expensive – and may be totally unnecessary. 

Businesses can keep costs to a minimun and save time by utilizing the space they already have more efficiently. 

What Is Mobile Aisle Storage?

The mobile system concept eliminates aisle space between rows of shelving or storage rack and replaces it with additional mobile storage units.  This doubles, possibly even triples, your current storage capacity.

By moving from side to side, the system is able to compact stored materials into a smaller footprint. With the extra space and storage capacity you gain, you won’t need to build or lease additional space.

Mobile aisle shelving units slide open and closed upon demand leaving space for additional units. At the touch of a button, heavy-duty mobile warehouse rack mobilizes to compact its storage footprint while maintaining 100% SKU accessibility. The result is improved operational efficiency and increased productivity.

How Do Mobile Storage Systems Work?

Mobile warehouse storage units ride on carriages and rails which create dynamic aisles by moving entire rows of storage units.  Mobilized aisles easily open and close to provide quick, safe and full access to all key materials.

Two drive systems are available – a crank-handle mechanical assist system and a powered motor-driven system. For faster aisle response, a RF (radio frequency) remote can be provided to operators, enabling you to open a clear, unoccupied aisle, eliminating waiting time.

Can My Existing Shelving or Rack Units Become Mobile?

The answer is yes, depending upon the type of storage units, system layout and facility space you have.  Your existing shelving or warehouse rack can be mobilized on installed carriages and rails – gaining up to 100% more floor space and workspace under the same roof.

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Whether you’re storing pharmaceutical supplies, athletic gear, retail products or industrial applications for heavy parts or pallets, we have a mobile storage system that will free up existing valuable space so you can focus on increased productivity in a faster amount of time.

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