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Hytrol E24 Family of Conveyors

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Author: Scott Abernathy, Vice President

Hytrol E24™ Roller & Belt Conveyors: Simple, Flexible and Efficient

Hytrol Conveyor, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of conveyor systems since 1947, has perhaps no better example of their fierce commitment to high quality solutions than the E24™ line of conveyor solutions.

Hytrol E24 Conveyor Systems

As a company specializing in conveyor systems, we’ve found there’s no other conveyor solution on the market today like the E24 ™ product line. By focusing on simplicity and efficiency, they have used their decades of experience to design the 24-volt DC conveying solution customers have asked about for years. E24 ™ sets the industry standard by providing a long lasting, low voltage means of product transportation. Better yet, the E24 ™ works great with the EZLogic zero pressure accumulation systems. Whether it’s roller transportation conveyors, belt conveyors, or powered roller accumulation systems, the E24 ™ product line provides many benefits to the end user.

A Few Hytrol E24 Benefits:

Smart energy efficient power use Minimal Maintenance
Multiple options for accumulation Simple to install
Variable speed adjustment Very quiet operation
Single motor design No air requirements
Lower than normal elevations Long Life expectancy
Plug-N-Go Cabling system Creativity in system design

Engineered For Efficiency & Flexibility

E24 ™ conveyor is designed with a drive train along its entire length with smaller drives located strategically to allow multiple functions in multiple zones. This includes the capability of different speeds, multiple directions, and starting/stopping individual zones. Additionally, conveyor elevations can be lower due to the space saving design – allowing for more flexibility in unit layout.

Hytrol E24 Conveyor Systems

Single Uniform Motor

The E24 ™ external motor has no gears or brushes and has very efficient heat dissipation. Fewer moving parts means it’s safer, quieter and has a lower rate of internal component failure. The single uniform motor is also designed for all conveyor widths so there is smooth, continuous motion without the need to stock multiple motors types.

Decentralized Drive System

The decentralized drive system is simple to install with smaller drives located throughout the length of the entire unit. This is key to the popularity of this system as it offers the ability to change speed and/or direction on specific conveyor zones. This also allows for a sleep mode capability which cuts energy use when product isn’t flowing.

Hytrol E24 Conveyor InfographicLong Lasting

You can expect long life with the E24 ™ design. Up to 125,000 hours of continuous operation requiring less maintenance due to fewer internal components.

Hytrol’s Top Integration Partner

As one of Hytrol Conveyor’s Top Ten Integration Partners, we serve the Carolina’s and beyond with excellent solutions in conveying your products. Our sales team is dedicated to bring you excellence during all phases of the sales cycle including: site survey, design solutions, engineer project integration, project management, and installation.  We accompany you through the entire process – every step of the way.  Our excellent relationship with Hytrol gives us a great advantage. We are unique in our approach which has served us and our customer base very well during our 57-year history.

We continue to successfully use Hytrol’s E24 ™ conveyors for our clients in a wide variety of industries, solving many types of applications:

Zero-Pressure Accumulation Pharmaceutical Order Picking
Belted Zone Accumulation Food Processing
Accumulation Curves Beverage Handling
Linking Automation Robotic Cells Parcel Handling
Machine Feed Applications Packaging Lines
In-Motion Weighing Stations Assembly Lines

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