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Ryson Spiral Conveyor -Multiple-Entry Conveyor Systems

Multiple-Entry Spiral Conveyors Take Order Picking to New Heights

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Multiple Entry and Exit Spiral Conveyors: Ideal for E-commerce and Multi-Level Pick Modules

Ryson Spiral Conveyors, which allow loads to enter or exit at intermediate elevations, allow you to optimize multi-level order picking and warehouse operations. What’s more, a single spiral may be used for multiple production and/or packaging lines in order to maximize efficiency and cost savings, as well as reduce the operations footprint to gain floor space.

A flexible and versatile solution for vertical transportation in a warehouse or distribution center, spiral conveyors are used in a diverse range of industries to increase throughput with a continuous flow.

Multiple Entry and Exit Spirals

Multiple entry and exit spirals permit entry and exit loading at various elevations. And because these specialized conveyors integrate traffic controls, the individually adjustable conveying surfaces at induction and diversion points match the speed of the spiral pitch while sensors safely control entry and exit to avoid collisions or rough handling.

Induction conveyors are available with rollers or belts – the choice of which depends on the type of operation. Divert out conveyors employ a powered out feed conveyor and a pivoting arm. Slats with rounded friction inserts prevent items from slipping backwards, so loads can enter or exit the spirals in either the up or down direction.

High Capacity Spirals

High capacity spirals are robust, heavy-duty conveyors that go higher and handle greater weight loads, and are ideal for multi-level pick modules.

High-capacity spirals typically can handle double the weight capacity of regular spirals and operate at speeds of up to 200 feet per minute.

Wide Track Spirals

Another type of heavy-duty conveyor is the wide track spiral. When dealing with larger loads, wide track spirals can enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety, while also delivering cost-effectiveness. Also an excellent choice for multi-level warehousing operations.

The Ryson Wide Trak Spiral Conveyor, for example, can be installed to heights of up to 50 feet and can convey cases of up to 32 inches and as heavy as 70 pounds. Additionally, it can operate at speeds of up to 200 feet per minute.

Custom Integration of Spirals in Your Operations

Spiral conveyors can be engineered to your custom needs and are suited for almost every application.

  • Clean & Sterile – Spiral conveyor designed with easy-to-clean surfaces and other sanitary components are ideal for food and beverage or pharmaceutical applications.
  • Ergonomics & Safety – Spirals improve ergonomics by reducing the amount of heavy lifting required. And safety features, such as automatic shutoffs and emergency stop buttons, can help prevent accidents or injuries on the floor.
  • Saves Space & Economical – Perhaps the best part about upgrading to spiral conveyors is that you can install them in existing spaces and not have to build out or otherwise obtain additional space.

Take the Next Step

Spiral conveyors are energy efficient and provide a substantial return on investment in other ways as well. Our strategic partnerships with reputable manufacturers offer spiral conveyors known for their high quality and reliability. While equipment is shop-tested prior to shipment, our experienced integrators can help to ensure top performance and long life for your spiral conveyors.

Plus, everything you need for the entire project is taken care of through our turnkey services – project analysis and management, design, engineering, controls, installation, down to final walk-through and follow-up.

Contact us today for consultation from a design team expert – 704-527-3141.  We look forward to guiding you toward the right solution.

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