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Celebrating 50 Years With AEC - Tony Stewart Sales Support Specialist

Tony Stewart Celebrates 50th Year with AEC

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Celebrating Half a Century of Caring

[Charlotte, North Carolina, August 21, 2019]

“Friends and other people ask me when I’m going to retire. And as I’ve always said, ‘I’m going to do this as long as I care,’ because that’s what I do. I care about the company; I care about the customers we’re trying to help and that’s why I’m still helping our sales guys—because I do care.”

On July 1, 2019, AEC Sales Support Specialist Tony Stewart marked 50 years of employment with Advanced Equipment Company (AEC). Starting in a sales position right out of college at age 22, Tony has seen the material handling industry change and evolve—but never once forgot what really matters.

“Leading the way, AEC owner Larry Abernathy said we would always be on the cutting edge of technology,” says Stewart. “We’re always learning something new, and it’s ever-changing. But what every guy has in common, what was instilled in me by the owner early on, is that you listen to understand what they’re saying and then come back with a solution.”

No longer on the road, Tony now fields calls from clients and offers his expertise to the existing sales staff at AEC.

“When I started at AEC 23 years ago, Tony volunteered his time to train me, and coached me through the bewildering process of starting at a new job in a new city,” says AEC Conveyor Specialist Charlie Williamson. “His tremendous expertise, willing attitude and truly caring heart made the transition smooth. I owe much of my success to Tony.” 

“Tony is a person that I admire and strive to be like, both professionally and personally,” says AEC VP of Operations Derek Helton. “One of the first things he taught me is to do everything to make your customers feel like a partner and not a customer. You do everything in your power to make your customer’s experience with AEC make them want to come back again and again.”

According to AEC President Darin Boik, a celebration is being held on August 22 for Tony’s anniversary that will include family members and representatives from some of AEC’s biggest industry partners.

“It’s very exciting that they’re doing this for me,” says Stewart. “It means a lot. This has always been a different kind of company. It’s the family atmosphere. I’ve seen the company progress through a changing of the guard, so to speak, and they’ve all meant the world to me, in the way of sisters and brothers.”

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