Meet Jennifer Schumacher, Accounting Manager & Inside Support

AEC Team Profile | Jennifer Schumacher - Accounting Manager & Inside Support

AEC’s Accounting Manager, Jennifer Schumacher, has helped to promote digital growth to the companies day-to-day business operations.

From financial reporting to AR/AP, the AEC office operates as an efficient machine with faster turnaround times for their customers.

Meet Derek Helton, VP of Operations

AEC Team Profile | Derek Helton - Vice President of Operations

“We’re all on the same page here, much like families are. And we’re unified in our common goal, to help our customers any way we can to reach their goals. 

We let them know that they’re not just our customer—they’re a member of our team,” says VP of Operations, Derek Helton.

Meet Darin Boik, President of AEC

AEC Team Profile | Darin Boik, President

“We’re always going to stand behind our solutions and we’re only going to give you the best experience that we can.

Those are the reasons and values that made me want to be the next leader, and I look forward to continuing to preserve the culture we’ve built over the many years at AEC,” says President Darin Boik.

Meet Josh Hamrick, Inside Sales & Mission Control

Seated at mission control, he’s got everyone’s back.

Inside Sales Coordinator Josh Hamrick talks about AEC’s family atmosphere, problem solving, and making life a bit easier for everyone else.

Meet Tony Stewart, Inside Sales & Invaluable Support

AEC Meet The Team - Tony Stewart Sales Support Specialist

Sales Support Specialist and Inside Guy, Tony Stewart, has been around for a while. He started at AEC right out of college in 1969 – less than a decade after the company was founded.

Over 50 years with the company, places Tony in a unique position of knowing exactly how AEC has changed over the years… as well as how it’s stayed exactly the same.

Meet Scott Abernathy, Vice President of AEC

AEC Team Profile | Scott Abernathy - Vice President & Allied Systems Specialist

In 34 years of working at AEC, Vice President and Allied Products Specialist Scott Abernathy has worn a lot of hats.

Scott discusses the secret formula that makes AEC the best place to go for automated and material handling solutions.

Meet Brian Hester, Engineer & Material Handling Specialist

AEC Team Profile | Brian Hester - Engineer, Systems, Integration & Automation Specialist

Engineer and Material Handling Specialist, Brian Hester, likes solving the big problems. We caught a few minutes of his time to chat about his 20+ years of experience.

As an electrical engineer with 13 years of experience working in the automated guided vehicle (AGV) industry prior to joining the AEC team, Brian brings a wide range of experience and unique applications understanding to the table.

Meet Ivar Lonon, Material Handling & Automation Specialist

AEC Team Profile | Ivar Lonon - Engineered Systems, Integration & Automation Specialist

Material Handling Specialist Ivar Lonon is not your typical salesman. As a person who has worked in the material handling world since 1983, he understands the business inside and out, and cares more about the solution than the sale.

“I love the challenge. And my goal is to help customers find the right solution, not just sell equipment. So my experience as an engineer plays a big role there.”

Meet Charlie Williamson, Conveyor & Material Handling Specialist

AEC Team Profile | Charlie Williamson - Systems Integration & Conveyor Specialist

Conveyor Specialist Extraordinaire, Charlie Williamson, shared with us how he transitioned from a psychology major to one of AEC’s best conveyor system specialists.

His multiple awards for salesperson of the year is a testimony to his passion for people, learning and problem solving.