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AEC Team Profile | Jennifer Schumacher - Accounting Manager & Inside Support

Meet Jennifer Schumacher, Accounting Manager & Inside Support

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“I enjoy making processes simpler and more efficient – which is our theme here at AEC – it’s what we all do.”

Meet Accounting Manager and Inside Support Team Member

Jennifer Schumacher had big shoes to fill. Her predecessor had been the Accounting Manager since 1974, and had kept much of the office in the same era.

But over the past 13 years, Schumacher has brought the office up to modern age shape, and gained a new family in the process.

We caught up with Jennifer to talk about how it all happened, and what her up-to-date standards mean for Advanced Equipment Company’s (AEC) customers.

There’s a theme of longevity here. You’ve been with AEC for 13 years; how did it all get started for you?

That’s right! My son was about six months old when I was hired, and he’s about 14 now so we’re rolling up on 14 years with AEC.  

The previous company I had worked for was downsizing which opened the door for this great opportunity with AEC. I went in for a couple of interviews, and left that last meeting with the start of a great career. I told Larry to throw away all the other resumes he had for the position because I was the best choice for the job.

I enjoy my position with the company and look forward to many more.  Larry Abernathy is so good to all of us that they’ll have to kick me out to get me to leave!

Was there much of a learning curve as you joined the team?

Oh yes, I would say so.  I took over Betty’s spot, who had developed some old-school ways of doing things that I believe worked well for her. 

When I came on, we revamped our software and updated the office with new technology for improved efficiency. It has been smooth sailing ever since, in my judgement.

What sort of processes had to be updated?

We started off with a dot band printer. You know, one of those old printers where you have to unclasp the sides, then put in the paper and roll it up. I remember seeing these printers back in the day but never had to use them.

Applying modern innovation to our office systems was such a blessing.  I enjoy making processes simpler and more efficient – which is our theme here at AEC – it’s what we all do.

What does your position as Accounting Manager include?

Financial reporting, compliance, adhering to policies and procedures, managing the month-end close, reviewing accounts, analyzing financial reports and more.

Seems like the job keeps you moving!

It does! We’ve got a lot of great clients with many interesting projects.  But I’m a fast-paced person from New York, so I like more on my plate than less.  

I’m a mover and a shaker, so AEC was a great fit for me.  Give me the reigns and let me run.

Speaking of those around you, what’s the atmosphere like at the office?

It’s awesome!  It’s me and my homies, Josh, Derek and Tony – everyone else is out on the road.  It’s a pretty low-key and casual environment, though there are a lot of tasks to accomplish throughout the day.  

I’m also here to help and support the outside sales team if they need anything while they’re on the road.

What’s the secret? What has kept you with AEC for so many years?

It’s the people.  Larry Abernathy, the owner, is an amazing leader. Very down-to-earth, very approachable. His wife is too.

This whole company is basically like a big family. Everybody watches out for each other.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

My family definitely keeps me busy at home.  I have a son Caden, Vortex my Australian Shephard, and a bunny rabbit named Wally.

My entire family lives close to us.  My next-door neighbor is my mother, behind us is my mother-in-law and father-in-law, and my older sister lives in the same neighborhood.  And I’ll tell you what—it’s awesome.  We’re all very close so it’s a blessing to have my family as my neighbors.

What would you say is the biggest change you’ve seen during your time with AEC?

We’re running an efficient machine now with faster turnaround times for our customers.

I know our customers appreciate our efficient services since it means time saving benefits for them. I love to hear from them directly and the AEC Team is always here to help!

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