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Industry: Elite Canine Training Center in Rockingham NC

Challenge: Can’t back a truck up to the dock door. People were manually carrying bulk supplies and heavy loads up stairs to receiving area – not safe – not efficient.

Solution: Provide an ergonomic lift solution which will provide unloading from truck level – plus safely transport heavy loads 10′ to dock door level.

Equipment: Southworth Dock Lift

“Going To The Dogs” Is Easy – “Getting It To The Dogs” Was A Challenge

When a world class canine training center near Rockingham NC needed help getting supplies in their storage building, they called Advanced Equipment Company.

The training facilities storage building is on stilts, allowing the dog kennels to setup under the building.  This is a great space saver but getting heavy crates of food and supplies to the top level was a stair master workout and potential safety hazard.

A Dog’s Day Has It’s Ups & Downs

A Southworth Products Dock Lift was the perfect solution and exactly what they needed.

This dock lift allows them to pile on the supplies whether loose or on pallets from the truck.  By the push of a button, it’s taken up to the 10′ floor level of the storage building where it can be safely and ergonomically removed.

A dock plate flips down allowing hand trucks or manual pallet jacks to move the supplies inside.

A dog’s day is not complete without food and treats, and AEC was there to ensure they got what they needed – safe, within budget, and on time.

“A pat on the head and a quick belly rub said it all and we knew these pups were happy with the solution,” Boik stated.

Give us a call at 704-527-3141 if you’d like to find out if an ergonomic lift solution is right for you – or feel free to just ask some questions. AEC has been servicing North and South Carolina for over 50 years.

Darin Boik is Advanced Equipment Company’s president. He has about 30 years experience with engineered material handling systems and providing innovative solutions.

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