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From Lost Products To Smooth Sealing, a Charleston SC Case Study

Industry: Distribution and Packaging Center in Charleston SC

Challenge: Improper conveyor being used in case sealer process was causing box to compress and the package to not properly seal.

Solution: Adjustable dual belt conveyor system evenly applies pressure to top of boxes to create a complete seal.

Product: Omni Conveyor Dual Belt Conveyor System

Challenge: Failed Sealing Process

Weighted skate wheel conveyors were being used in a case sealer application which caused the center of the box to compress and not seal very well. When boxes were shipped, the potential for lost or damaged product increased.

Solution: Custom Conveyor For Controlled Package Sealing

Brian Hester of AEC and Omni Conveyor, put their creative minds in gear and came up with an idea for an adjustable dual belt case sealing conveyor. This custom belt conveyor system allows the customer to adjust both the height of the opening as well as the width internally.  This would provide a complete seal on multiple box dimensions.

Omni Metalcraft quickly turned the concept into reality. 

Both belts are run from a single drive unit with a pulley system. On the outside of the unit is a gauge so the operator can easily tune the height or width before the run of a product. The top belt is Teflon coated to try and keep the glue buildup down and both are v-guided belts. V-guide system continuously tracks the belt and keeps it running straight for consistent  performance.

Watch how consistent pressure is applied to the box throughout the entire length of the conveyor.  Height adjustment is also demonstrated for quick and efficient accommodation to box dimension changes.

Brian Hester is a Material Handling Specialist at Advanced Equipment Company providing integrated material handling and storage solutions for over 20 years. Brian’s career started as an Electrical Engineer with an Automated Guided Vehicle company for 13 years before leaving the company and moving into a unique sales role at AEC. Now Brian’s mission is to use his engineering background and extensive knowledge base of a wide variety of products to produce custom solutions that solve customer’s needs.


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