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At Advanced Equipment Company, we know a thing or two about productivity.  From day one, our objective has been to help businesses better their workflow through innovative material handling solutions.

So, when Callaway Blue approached us about improving storage and FIFO management, Automation & Engineered Systems Specialist Ivar Lonon was excited to help optimize their space.


Industry: Bottled Spring Water Beverage Distributor in Georgia

Objective: Immediate need for additional storage space and inventory control to ensure accurate and consistent product turnover.

Solution: High-Density FIFO Pallet Flow Rack System, 15 Pallet positions deep by 4 levels high, yielding additional 1440 pallet positions.

Result: Maximized storage capacity, increased throughput, better inventory control.

Equipment: Mallard Pallet Flow Rack System



About Callaway Blue

For four generations, the Callaway family has been stewards of the treasured Callaway watershed. The spring, located deep in the mountains of Georgia, is valuable for its naturally pure water and the diverse ecosystem that depends on it.

These days, it’s not just the Callaway family who enjoys the fresh taste of spring water. Callaway Blue has quickly grown into Georgia’s most popular bottled spring water brand. Their products are available in all major grocery chains, alongside their delivery options.

Throughout it all, Callaway Blue has remained committed to preserving the land around the spring. The land is part of the Georgia Forestry Commission, allowing them to protect endangered species and maintain the clarity and safety of the spring water they share with customers.

Objective: An Expanding Business

The business world is full of hacks and tricks, but one age-old fact remains true: A good product will develop a loyal customer base.

Due to its exceptional product, Callaway Blue has experienced immense growth in the past few years. As a result, the current facility was not meeting their storage needs.

While their long-term goals included building a new building, they needed immediate solutions to keep their business functioning as it continued to grow. Working in the beverage industry, they were particularly interested in storage solutions that allowed them to follow FIFO (first in, first out) best practices without extra monitoring.

Understanding FIFO Principles

In the food and beverage industry, following the rules of FIFO is crucial for the safety of your customers.

First in, First Out” is a system for managing the flow of your product. FIFO principles dictate that the first product to be made should also be the first to be sold. In food and beverage, this ensures that no products past their expiration dates are sold.

Naturally, when it comes to following these guidelines, you want a storage system that can help streamline this process and avoid any mistakes. This was exactly what we wanted to create for the team at Callaway Blue.

Solution: An Innovative Pallet Flow System

When Callaway Blue contacted us, we knew we needed to provide them with products that were:

  • Space Efficient – With limited space and a growing demand for their bottled water, we needed to help Callaway Blue make the most of every square foot in their current facility.
  • Organized – Workers needed to be able to sort products by both date and type.
  • Functional – Products needed to be stored in a way that didn’t disrupt production and distribution flow.


The AEC team designed a storage plan that met all the above criteria. After consulting with the client, Lonon decided the best course of action was to set them up with a pallet flow system from Mallard Manufacturing. This system allows for the storage of up to 1440 pallets, with improved inventory control.

Why We Chose Mallard’s Pallet Flow System

The Pallet Flow System from Mallard Manufacturing has long been our go-to storage system for businesses that require productivity and organization.

The system’s biggest feature is the pallet flow technology, which comes in several customizable styles. The pallet flow system allows pallets to glide smoothly down the pallet rack lanes for safer movement and removal. Customization was key for Callaway Blue, which uses both wooden and plastic pallets for its product. Each style required a different flow rack solution for improved mobility.

We recommended Mallard’s system not only for its efficiency but also for its affordability. We’re always looking out for our customers’ bottom line, and Mallard’s products allow us to deliver top-notch results at reasonable prices.

Expert Attention to Detail

Many companies can recommend products and solutions to help your business function. But at AEC, we know that’s only the start.

“I tell both customers and manufacturers alike,” AEC’s Automation and Engineered Systems specialist Ivar Lonon says. “Issues are easy to fix on paper. Not so much in the field. The second part of any successful project is the installation.”

Our expert team members were onsite to ensure that the products’ installation went smoothly.

“Everything had to be plumb and straight for these pallets to flow 15 positions deep and track properly,” Lonon adds. “Our installers used lasers to find the precise measurements needed for a successful installation. We also added side wheel guides to the flow rack system to ensure that the pallets stayed true and straight.”

Results: “Thank You for Your Attention to Detail!”

At the end of the project, Callaway Blue had a fully optimized storage system that allowed for easy product removal. The upgrade to the pallet flow system allowed them to:

  • Increase the storage capacity of current building
  • Simply and safely move pallets
  • Adhere to FIFO best practices


Multiple members of the Callaway Blue team commented on how positive their experience working with AEC was, citing our clear communication and accurate project timelines as huge stress relievers.

“We strive for our projects to be on budget and on time,” Lonon says. “With Callaway Blue, we were able to meet both of these goals and more.”



Automation & Engineered Systems Specialist Ivar Lonon:  Lonon’s background as an applications engineer gives him a unique perspective when looking at options or recommendations for equipment or potential solutions.

He specializes in conveyor systems for palletizing and robotic work cell sortation and accumulations, distribution centers, and conveyors to integrate packaging equipment, as well as mobile aisle pallet rack systems, automatic storage and retrieval systems, ergonomic lift and position equipment and heavy material lifts for floor-to-floor applications and mezzanines.

It’s his goal to draw on more than 30 years of experience to deliver unique, cost-saving solutions.

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