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Conveyor and Material Handling Specialist Brian Hester received a call a few months back from a beer and wine distribution company owner in Charleston South Carolina that he needed some help with his material handling project.

After a visit and discussion with the customer it was clear that his gravity roller conveyor and gravity expandable conveyors that feed his truck dock were not working. Too much labor and product damage pushing boxes around all night long, were his words.

After some discussions and some sample videos to show our client’s team our capabilities, we decided to use Hytrol’s E24EZ zero pressure accumulation conveyor within the building and a powered flexible conveyor from his building out to the 5 truck docks.

The solution provided the customer with reduced product damage from pushing the product off the gravity conveyors and reduced labor by 1-2 people per shift, overall resulting in a less than 6-8 month return on his investment.  Another great asset to the customer was there was no PLC or external controls required and only (2) 115VAC connections required for operation.

By using Hytrol’s E24EZ zero pressure accumulation case conveyors the operators were able to load the conveyor and the cases were now powered down to the truck dock door without any back pressure using 18″ long zones.  See sample video below of the E24 and it’s capabilities in action from Hytrol.

Once the customer was ready to start loading the trucks the operators could connect the powered flexible conveyor to the end of the E24 conveyor and once plugged together product was automatically released onto the truck loading conveyors.

A great turn key project for AEC that required only 1 day to setup and installation and the customer could start realizing a return on his investment.

Brian Hester is a Material Handling Specialist at Advanced Equipment Company providing integrated material handling and storage solutions for over 20 years.  Brian’s career started as an Electrical Engineer with an Automated Guided Vehicle company for 13 years before leaving the company and moving into a unique sales role at Advanced Equipment Co.

Now Brian’s mission is to use his engineering background and extensive knowledge base of a wide variety of products to produce custom solutions that solve customer’s needs.

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