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Pharmaceutical Production Line Conveyor

Best Conveyor Solutions for Pharmaceutical Operations

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The pharmaceutical industry is essential and the goods they provide are even more crucial. With billions of dollars being spent yearly on the creation of new medicine, the way these items get to the doorstep of pharmacies is equally as important.

The pharmaceutical industry demands precise conveyance with the ability to be sanitized and cleaned easily. Material handling for this industry must also support the sortation and transportation of small, individual products.

Conveying Solutions

When thinking about the type of material a pharmaceutical conveyor should be, consider something that is easily cleaned, supports small products, and can easily be changed if need be. Plastic belts and chains running on aluminum or powder coated steel frames are ideal for pharmaceutical centers.


Plastic chain conveyors that are designed and manufactured in narrow widths and fitted with easily adjustable side railings offer great stability for bottles or pucks carrying bottles in and around pill dispensers. These plastic belts and chain conveyors can easily be integrated into small spaces around special equipment used in pharmaceutical facilities. This conveyor construction not only assists with integrating into small spaces, but also assists in keeping noise levels down while offering a long life to the conveyor equipment. They offer easy tracking of products and less issues with product orientation while maintaining product integrity and position throughout the system.

Inclines, declines, and spirals are seen throughout pharmaceutical industries chain conveyors can be configured to work with your existing system or begin your journey with a new facility.


Sortation conveyors are available for both empty or filled individual bottles while handling the operations of filling, weighing, and confirming proper fill. There are sorters which are specifically designed to sort polybags or cartons for completed orders that are being routed to stores for customer pickup, or that are shipping directly to the consumer. Accuracy of sorting in the pharmaceutical industry is of utmost priority. The sorting operation and control system is designed with all the checks and confirmations to ensure goods are routed properly every time an order is completed.


The facilities in which pharmaceuticals are sorted, filled, and shipped out, need to be carefully planned and configured to support these specific needs. Hytrol creates products that fulfill the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and are dedicated to helping you find conveyors and products that meet your facility’s needs.

As an exclusive Hytrol distributor, Advanced Equipment Company has a wide range of specialized equipment to fit your needs. Our conveyor specialists will work alongside your team to create efficient and productive custom conveyor solutions. 


Article Credit: This story was first published on Hytrol. December 14, 2020. Best Conveying Solutions: Pharmaceutical  Author Credit: Boyce Bonham

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