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Ergonomic Lifts for Manual Material Handling by AEC in Charlotte NC

Ergonomic Lifting Tips for Manual Material Handling

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Increasing Safety and Productivity with Ergonomic Lifting and Positioning Equipment

The physical tasks required by manual material handling (MMH) is a major contributor to musculoskeletal disorders, long-term injuries, missed work, medical treatment, and workers comp. Using ergonomic equipment can lower the physical demands of MMH work tasks.

With our current MMH workforce, ergonomics are a necessity.  Today, people are staying in the workforce longer, many workers are overweight, and different body builds are more adept for heavy, repetitive lifting than others. 

Ergonomic tools level out the playing field for workers. It allows all employees to work at high rates of productivity regardless of age or body shape.

What Does Ergonomics Mean?

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), ergonomics is the process of fitting the demands of a procedure to the capabilities of an individual in order to reduce injury or fatique.

Simply put, ergonomic equipment is scientifically engineered and designed to make MMH jobs faster, safer, and easier.

Ergonomic Lifting and Positioning Capabilities  

Integrating these tools into repetitive, daily manual tasks have been proven to increase the quality of health for your employees. 

  • Designed to lift the product or tools to the worker
  • Ability to raise or lower platforms to varied safe work heights
  • Reduces lifting, bending, twisting motion
  • Allows employees to work at high rates of productivity regardless of age or body shape

Ergonomic Equipment – Efficient, Effective and Effortless

Safety isn’t the only benefit to using ergonomic equipment. Ergonomic lifts and positioners get the job done in the most efficient, effective, and effortless way possible increasing productivity and revenue.

Lift, Tilt & Inverters Safely lift, position and provide better access to containers within safe lift zones. 

Pallet Lifts –  Lifts heavy loads and pallets quickly and safely without bending or walking.

Portable Lifts & StackersLifter transporters combing mobility and lift in one machine to do the job faster and safer.

Scissor Lifts – Provides variable-height work surfaces available in a variety of sizes and capacities for safe zone positioning.

Upenders – For lifting, positioning and transporting large rolls, coils and other heavy awkward loads.

For More Info

For more information on ergonomic solutions that enable your workforce to be safer and more productive, get in contact with our ergonomic specialists. 

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