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Increase in Demand for Automation Amidst COVID

Shifting to Automation Amidst COVID-19

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Manufacturing and distribution centers are making a significant shift to automation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of the social distancing required to keep workforces safe, manufacturing and distribution processes have been forced to slow their operations.

 In order for companies to ramp up production and meet their annual goals going forward, implementing automation will be a must. As the world emerges from the COVID crisis, automation needs will not only continue to expand — they will explode.

As the economy adapts to workforce restrictions, companies are turning to automation.

Many companies have put off implementing automation into their processes because they assume it’s going to be a expensive.  But as the economy adapts to COVID-related workforce restrictions, more and more companies are turning to automated systems.

As a direct result of COVID shutdowns, businesses have been forced to reduce their capacity, leading to production slowdowns all over the world.

According to a report from McKinsey and Company, industry leaders reported that this pandemic immediately impacted:

  • Material availability, resulting in shortages
  • Dramatic decrease in demand
  • Decrease in worker availability

Automated systems to future proof operations and fit within budgets.

Systems integrators that specialize in design and applying automation can help companies implement automation that works for them. Companies operating with lean teams and reduced production need to be able to get back to full operations. Automation can help you do that.

It takes a trained and experienced material handling specialist with an in-depth knowledge of the applications, as well as products, to guide business owners into systems that will work for them, future-proof their operations, and fit within their budgets.

Benefits to automating your production process.

Even in uncertain times, automation can keep production lines up and running. Automated processes:

  • Streamline production
  • Boost flexibility agility
  • Adapts rapidly to change
  • Help teams maintain and increase production capacity with fewer employees required on-site
  • Give companies better capabilities to analyze their systems and processes
  • Help manufacturers and distributors scale more easily when the time comes

 Specific to COVID, automation will allow your company to resume regular operations while still allowing your team to practice effective social distancing. This ensures the safety of your team and your ability to maintain output.

 Companies can keep their workforce safe during the uncertainty of COVID, while at the same time meeting their production goals. Post-COVID, companies that automate their processes in the midst of crisis will continue to benefit.

 After restrictions are lifted, companies will continue to benefit from automation long-term, enabling them to not only survive a crisis like COVID, but to thrive on the other side of it.

Investing in automation today will lay the foundation for your company’s future.

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