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SpanTech High Speed Switch Sortation Conveyor

Six Must-Have Sorting & Accumulation Systems to Alleviate Transport Issues

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Conveyor issues make it challenging to maintain operational efficiency, productivity, product quality, and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Efficient product flow is crucial for production, packaging, and distribution across various industries, ranging from cosmetic manufacturing to food production. Sorting, merging, and accumulating products play a vital role in ensuring smooth operations.

To meet these needs, our prominent specialty conveyor partner SpanTech, offers a range of top-notch sorting, merging, and accumulation conveyors. These conveyors have been meticulously designed to optimize processes and enhance overall efficiency.

The High-Speed Switch Smoothly Sorts and Merges

SpanTech’s extremely versatile High-Speed Switch allows you to efficiently split product flow – whether evenly or divided in any required sorting – all while maintaining product pitch. Guide rod supported carriers transfer products anywhere you need. Best for rigid and/or bagged (but not bulk) products, the High-Speed Switch is optimized for all facets of e-commerce – production, packaging, manufacturing, and distribution – for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

The Powered Divert Alleviates Accumulation Issues

Accumulation issues – such as bottlenecks, lack of synchronization, lack of buffer space, and otherwise inefficient material handling – can arise on a production line when there is a disruption in the flow of products. SpanTech’s Powered Divert is a small accumulation conveyor set at a 90-degree angle above a horizontal chain. Ideal for distribution and working best with bagged and nonrigid products (and especially in shorter length conveyor applications), the Powered Divert maintains the line’s forward motion to keep accumulation issues at bay.

Transpositor Eliminates Skewing

SpanTech’s Transpositor sorting conveyor provides seamless 90-degree product transfers. Using a sprocket-driven MicroSpan chain, this conveyor rejects or diverts without skewing. Designed to handle even delicate items, the Transpositor works extremely well for feeding wrappers, case packers and hand-pack stations in packaging, distribution, e-commerce and other applications.

Vertical Switch Allows Multilevel Discharges

Whether powered or manually driven, SpanTech’s compact Vertical Switch discharges products on multiple levels without taking up a large footprint. The Vertical Switch is ideal for manufacturing and distribution, especially in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and can be utilized in washdown environments.

The Laner Reliably Auto-Sorts Products

Just like it sounds, SpanTech’s innovative Laner system automatically sorts items into lanes, using multiple rows of specially designed wheels to efficiently direct product flow to its final destination. Optimized for round, thin products, the Laner deftly avoids issues typically seen with sheet metal  dividers and guide rails, such as product jamming, residue contamination, and slower movement.

Stops and Pushers Easily Move Heavy Products

SpanTech’s adaptable stop and pusher stations efficiently handle sortation on the conveyor line, even when dealing with heavier products. Whether pneumatic or electric-powered, the stops and pushers can palletize or reject items along the main conveyor flow, making them ideally suited for packaging, manufacturing, e-commerce, and cosmetic manufacturing and distribution.

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Avoiding conveyor issues is crucial for maintaining smooth operations, maximizing productivity, ensuring product quality, minimizing costs, and even enhancing worker safety – and ultimately leading to improved efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall business success.

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