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Spantech Plastic Chain Conveyor

SpanTech Plastic Chain Conveyor: The Strongest Link in Hygienic Conveying

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SpanTech Plastic Chain Conveyors have proven to be an important innovation in material handling, offering multiple applications across various industries.

They have become well-known for their versatile design and durable construction. Plastic chain applications are only limited to one’s imagination.

Let’s dive into the trio of hygienic applications for these plastic chain conveyors.

  1. Food Processing and Packaging: In the food industry, hygiene and sanitation are paramount. SpanTech plastic chain conveyors are constructed with FDA-approved materials. Their hygienic design makes them ideal for transporting food products safely and efficiently. From raw ingredients to packaged goods, these conveyors ensure the integrity and quality of food items throughout the production process.Additionally, their ability to withstand washdown procedures without degradation makes them a preferred choice for facilities with stringent cleanliness requirements.
  2. Bottling and Beverage Production: Bottling and beverage production demands conveyor systems that can keep up with high-speed operations while maintaining product integrity. SpanTech plastic chain conveyors excel in this environment, offering smooth and reliable transportation of bottles, cans, and containers of various shapes and sizes.Their modular design allows for easy integration with other equipment such as fillers, cappers, and labelers, creating a seamless production line that minimizes downtime and maximizes throughput.
  3. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Distribution: The pharmaceutical industry requires precision and adherence to strict regulations. SpanTech plastic chain conveyors offer a reliable solution. Optional stainless-steel construction and easy-to-clean surfaces ensure a hygienic environment.These conveyors provide gentle handling for delicate products like vials and ampules, maintaining product integrity. In pharmaceutical distribution centers, SpanTech conveyors streamline sorting and routing processes, ensuring timely delivery while minimizing the risk of errors or contamination.

In summary, SpanTech plastic chain conveyors offer versatility, reliability, and performance.  Whether in food processing and packaging, bottling and beverage production, or pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, these versatile conveyors are indispensable tools across many industries.

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Written by AEC Inside Sales Specialist, Josh Hamrick.

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