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FMH Telescopic Conveyor System to Improve Performance at the Loading Dock

Telescoping Conveyor Reaches for Results

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Telescopic belt conveyors provide a safe and efficient solution for loading and unloading trucks at the loading dock. With the ability to extend the conveyor right into the truck, these conveyors give workers a way to quickly move large volumes of freight without having to waste time and effort walking forward and backward within the truck.

What Is a Telescoping Conveyor and Why Is It Useful?

Reduces the Time Needed to Load and Unload

When unloading trucks, the vertical plane from which boxes and packages are removed will move deeper into the truck as the trailer is emptied. Therefore, to reduce walking, it’s advantageous to have a conveyor that can extend further into the truck as the unloading process proceeds. When loading, the process involves the conveyor retracting as the trailer fills up.

Simple controls at the end and on the base of the conveyor make adjusting its position convenient and fast.

The telescoping conveyor can also be inclined or declined to make it easier to handle boxes at the top or the bottom of a stack. A man-rider option allows a worker to ride on a platform at the end of the conveyor and raise or lower the conveyor for ease of access.

Studies show that using a telescopic belt conveyor can reduce the time required for loading and unloading by 50% compared to the traditional manual process. For efficiency at the point of “goods in” and “goods out”, a telescoping conveyor is a game-changer!

Increased Safety and Working Conditions by Minimizing Effort

Because the horizontal and vertical distances that each box or package must be carried by the operator is kept to a minimum, the amount of effort and strain is greatly reduced. Workers will not become as tired and the risk of injury is decreased. It may even be possible to use fewer people to carry out the task.

Telescopic conveyors also contain a variety of safety features, such as a front auto-stop bar. If this spring-loaded bar encounters an obstacle, the extension of the conveyor is immediately halted, and then the telescoping action retracts the conveyor by as much as twelve inches. Sprocket guards prevent entrapment and injury by the extension mechanism. These and other safety characteristics ensure that operations are carried out in the safest manner possible.

What Are the Most Popular Telescoping Conveyors?

The MaxxReach conveyor by FMH is AEC’s best-selling model for the high-volume loading and unloading of tractor trailers. A variety of options are available to customize the conveyor, including belt speed, flow control, and width.

E-Commerce applications often require interacting with smaller vehicles. Specialized telescopic conveyors are available for loading and unloading e-Commerce packages (including polybags and padded envelopes) into vans or small trucks. These conveyors are smaller and more lightweight, allowing workers to easily clear the area after the task is complete. And, the conveyor can be easily moved if multiple vehicles are involved.

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