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Wire Decking - What's on your deck?

Are You Using The Correct Wire Decking? Know Your Wire Deck Options

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How do you know if you have the correct wire decking for your rack system application?

There are a lot of criteria and options to consider when selecting the proper wire decking to maximize safety and to custom suit your application.

Wire decking is a product that works with pallet rack systems to provide support, safety, and other benifits to warehouse racks.  Wire decks are easy to install – in fact, they simply drop into place.  Due to their wire mesh design, they allow for high visibility through all levels on the rack system.

In addition to providing protection from falling inventory, wire decking can improve air circulation and prevent dust build-up.  They also help to increase overhead sprinker effectiveness.  Many local fire codes require wire decking on rack instead of particle board or plywood.

There are many styles of deck designed to fit most common racking systems – depending upon your operations.  Custom sizes and styles for all storage and pallet rack requirements are available too. Here’s a simple guide to common varieties of decking for rack.

Wire Decking Types for Pallet Rack

Benefits to Wire Decking for Pallet Rack

  • Stronger and more reliable than plywood
  • Improves air circulation
  • Complies with strict fire codes
  • Available in optional finishes including galvanized for outdoor applications
  • Strong support channels built for heavy pallet loads
  • Custom sizes and styles to fit most rack systems
  • U-channel or flare channel for both step and box beams
  • Overhead lighting is better dispersed for increased visibility
  • Able to store less-than-pallet loads; without decking, only full pallet loads can be stored
  • Easy to use — just drop them in place
  • Potential to lower insurance rates due to compliance with fire codes

Further Questions?

Keep it simple! Let AEC assist you with making the correct decking decision for your rack system.  We stand ready to help you plan, select, and design a system that will meet your material handling needs, now, and into the future as your business grows.

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