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When Should You Have a Belt-Over Conveyor?

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When picturing a conveyor for your facility, you might imagine the typical live roller conveyor that you have seen used before. However, that model of conveyor might not necessarily be the best option. Belt-over conveyors are another popular option to think about.

What is a belt-over conveyor?

Belt-over conveyors are constructed with a flat conveyor belt supported below by rollers, metal slides, or plastic strips. The conveyor belts are powered by a rotating cylindrical tube that spans the width of the belt. They are often coated with a high-friction material called laggings. Some belt-over conveyors are portable as well. The portable conveyors are light-weight and are ideal for smaller facilities.

What are they good for?

The flat belted surface offers better support for the products. A belt-over conveyor is also a great option for inclines and declines. They’re good at conveying irregular products, bagged products that need the full support of a belt conveyor, and are great for items smaller than the length of three rollers. Belt-over conveyors are also compatible with high-speed scan tunnels.

When should they be used?

Belt-over conveyors should be used in facilities with a large range and variance of products. If your facility has multiple levels, belted conveyors are also the best option. You might consider a belt-over conveyor if your product is fragile and needs a very sturdy surface.


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Article Credit: This story was first published on Hytrol blog. January 27, 2022. When Should You Have a Belt-Over Conveyor?  

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