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Collaboration, Innovation, and Integration: The Recipe for a Successful Project

Charlie Williamson, material handling specialist for Advanced Equipment Company, works closely with a large packaging firm to craft tailored solutions for their material handling needs.


Industry: Large Packaging Company

Objective: Create a solution for streamlining material flow in and out of a shrink-wrapping station.

Solution: Hytrol Accumulation and Gravity Conveyors, Custom Pushers, True-Tapered Roller Curves

Result: Enhanced operational efficiency, minimized downtime, improved shrink wrapping operations.


Charlie Williamson, Material Handling & Conveyor Systems Specialist

Understanding the intricate requirements and challenges faced by the client, Charlie employs his expertise to analyze the workflow and devise custom conveyor solutions. Through open communication and a collaborative approach, Charlie ensures that the final conveyor system seamlessly integrates into the packaging company’s operations, optimizing efficiency and productivity.

With a commitment to quality and an eye towards innovation, Charlie and Advanced Equipment Company deliver conveyor solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of their packaging partner, reinforcing a long-standing partnership built on trust and mutual success.



Most recently, Charlie worked with a large packaging company to devise a solution for streamlining material flow in and out of a shrink-wrapping station. This innovative setup will enhance operational efficiency and minimize downtime, ultimately improving shrink wrapping operations.


The solution includes Accumulation Conveyors, Custom Pushers, True-Tapered Roller Curves, and Gravity Conveyors.

  • Accumulation Conveyors use sensors to control product flow, pausing or slowing down as needed to prevent jams and maintain a steady pace, ensuring uninterrupted processing. This ensures the proper timing for one skid at a time to enter the shrink-wrapper.
  • Custom Pushers move the product to the proper place on the conveyor and correct the orientation of the product as needed. They can also be activated by sensors to push product to different lanes, based on various input data.
  • True-Tapered Roller Curves give smooth transportation from one lane to the next and keep the product oriented properly.
  • Gravity Conveyors facilitate efficient off-loading from the shrink-wrapper by utilizing the natural force of gravity to smoothly transport shrink-wrapped products downward, minimizing manual handling.


Charlie’s cutting-edge solution streamlined material flow in and out of the shrink-wrapping station, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime. This innovation promises to dramatically improve shrink-wrapping operations, setting a new industry standard for our client.

Whatever the material handling need, Charlie Williamson and Advanced Equipment Company possess the ability to tailor solutions to meet the unique demands of any application.  Whether it’s streamlining material flow through a shrink-wrapper, enhancing automation in a manufacturing facility, or improving logistics in a distribution center, Charlie and Advanced Equipment Company are adept at crafting the perfect solution that ensures long-term success for our clients. Contact us today to see how we can help you.



Charlie Williamson, Material Handling and Conveyor Specialist for AEC since 1996. Charlie invests his time and ingenuity into every project as well as gains a real sense of fulfillment to see all projects through to final working solution.

Call AEC at 704-527-3141 and ask for Charlie.


Written by AEC Inside Sales Specialist, Josh Hamrick.

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